The new "Baby" Wheel Force Transducer WFT-Cxs - a lightweight variant of the proven WFT-Cx

With the new WFT-Cxs, our partner CAEMAX has developed a particularly light variant of the proven 6-component measuring wheel WFT-Cx. It is designed for small cars with rims from a size of 13 inches and facilitates the testing and measuring of load collectives, driving dynamics or brakes. Like all other CAEMAX measuring wheels, the WFT-Cxs can be mounted in no time at all. It has a robust design and is protected against dirt and moisture. The new CRFX/WFT-2 measuring module provides a direct interface to the imc CRONOSflex measuring system for further processing of the acquired data.

Further information can be found on our product page for the 6-component measuring wheel - click here.