BOSCH - car generator sound test

Efforts to reduce noise pollution from cars are not limited to tires and exhaust systems alone. Automobile alternators and generators, with their high rotation speed, are currently also coming more and more into the focus of measurement
engineers. On high-speed roads, in particular, sound emissions play a crucial role. There’s no question that BOSCH, one of the world’s leading producers of car components, invests all its know-how into the development of quieter car generators.

To test such generators, BOSCH has chosen the imc μ-MUSYCS measurement system to create a sound and vibration test stand.

With the help of the test rig, accelerometer signals, microphone signals and RPM signals can be measured at the same time under different load and speed conditions. Due to its online calculation capabilities, the PC connected with the
measurement system can directly display the real-time results.

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